Joy walks our dog, Paco, daily and also has done several overnight stays with Paco at our house while we were out of town. Paco... looks forward to Joy's arrival each day and is absolutely overjoyed to see her—perhaps the best indication of her amazing skills with and love for animals. We never hesitate to leave town without him, knowing he will be not only well cared for but also well loved, while we are gone.

Shannon & Peter B.
Client, 2 1/2 years


On Valentine's Day of 2002, Java lost her best friend and litter mate Coco. I was devastated and did not know where to turn to ensure that Java could get through this loss and transition. Joy magically appeared! She has been providing mid-day walks Monday-Friday since 2002. Java is happy and healthy. Joy has become part of our family.... She is the most dependable person I've ever met. She has not missed a visit since she started. I'm able to go to work each day knowing that Java is cared for.

Carol B.
Client, 4 1/2 years

Joy has taken care of our Black Lab Jake, who is now 14, since early spring of 2001.  She visits mid-day, Mondays through Fridays, to take him on a walk and give him a treat.  She has also provided occasional services of mid-day walks on weekends; of food, medicine, and walk at dinnertime; and of overnights when we were out of town.  Our dog loves her and Joy loves our dog.  On the people side, we have found that Joy is on-time, professional, responsive to our concerns, and communicative, all of which are important characteristics when caring for a member of our family who has special needs.

Jake's Family
Client, 6 years


Joy is a true animal lover and therefore a great petsitter. She's been taking care of my cats for years and since I foster for the Washington Humane Society, I always have a different number of cats and kittens with different requirements. Each time she takes care of them, she always does everything perfectly even with all the changes. She genuinely cares about animals so she goes above and beyond the essentials. Also, she's very trustworthy and reliable. Definitely someone who I'm comfortable letting into my home in my absence.

Julie L.
Client, 5 years

Joy is extremely reliable, trustworthy, and responsible. She is always on time for her appointments.... She treats our dog like her own, making sure that all of her needs are met. She even goes the extra mile to spend additional time with our dog when she can. Whenever there is any sign of a problem with our dog, Joy is the first to notice and makes sure that we are aware [of it] right away. In addition to daily walks, Joy has provided overnight petsitting services for our dog. We know that Tobi is taken care of well during these overnight stays, as Joy keeps us informed of how Tobi is doing, and Tobi is always healthy and happy when we return. We have complete Trust in Joy to make the right decisions that will ensure the safety and happiness of our dog.

Marla S. and Jonathan P.
Client, 5 years

[Joy] has provided conscientious, caring, reliable, and highly responsible services to my two elderly dogs for long periods during my numerous absences. Each of my dogs, due to age and medical condition, requires a degree of individual care and handling in terms of administration of medications, exercise and attention. Joy's care has been exemplary.... My dogs enjoy her, and she helps make my time away from them easier.

I have been a pet owner for 30+ years, and have used a variety of boarding kennels, pet sitting services, friends and private pet sitters. I consider myself fortunate to have found Joy who is the most professional, caring and responsible pet sitting provider I have used.

Roberta M.
Client, 6 years